Friday, September 25, 2009

The WTANGISF Solution Series (Part 1)

While WTANGISF’s editors love to hear from its readers they have noticed here and there (in the comments to Sam’s posts) a sense of defeat. Hence, in the spirit of comradeship and positive thinking henceforth the editors will on occasion post (admittedly imperfect) solutions to the serial of problems identified by Sam. Such postings are really intended to be a forum for WTANGISF's readers to provide (through the comments section) any insights or topical/event-related suggestions that go to improving the SF singles scene. (Although the editors advise readers to be careful about providing ideas that by virtue of the conveyance of the idea ruins the idea (e.g., identifying specific bars that have a male friendly gender ratio).

With that in mind check below to find some suggestions, starting with WTANGISF's Editors Solution #1,
Foreign Girls:

A lesser known fact of the San Francisco scene is that there is a relatively large population of foreign girls (Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey and Brazil are anecdotal stand-outs) and almost all of them are single and almost none have the stereotypical characteristics associated with SF women. These girls are fashionable, educated, uncommonly attractive, and - this is the crucial part - much, much, much more open to approach. In addition, as a kind of cool kick, foreign girls will often specifically comment - unsolicited - that SF American women have a curiously high opinion of themselves. This is an openly prejudicial belief that is not necessarily true but it nonetheless makes them, despite language and cultural barriers,

There’s a irony here to the willingness with which foreign girls will listen to your rap - since these women, especially those from the former Eastern Bloc, tend to be somewhat conservative in other regards. Foreign girls will give you a chance out of the gate but ultimately it’s tough to win them over, which feels, at least to WTANGISF’s editors, exactly how it’s supposed to be.

This demographic though passes under the radar unless you're a seasoned veteran. Thus, try to find someone who can get you into French Tuesdays, listen for accents and look for thin women in (sometimes bold) dresses when you’re out, be open to visiting clubs that have some kind of euro night, and check local listings for when European/unusually named DJs are spinning.

A final point: be nice to foreign girls, not for their benefit, since foreign girls can generally spot a bullsh*tter from 100 yards out, it’s part of what makes them awesome, but so you don’t ruin it for every one else. Don’t be that uncouth American.

Find ripostes/suggestions below.



  1. overprivlieged, "gimme gimme" American women (particularly white women) are obsolete and useless. loud, obnoxious do nothings that want everyone to think they're hot shit when they're not. they're just noisy money spenders. women from other countries are no BS kinda gals, they are nicer but you can't be rude or stupid with them, because they'll kick your ass. As well they should. Plus they tend to have a better sense of humor.

  2. I went to Japan about a year ago, and on the last day there I met an extremely attractive female who was working at Panasonic on one of our tours. It's tough to find Japanese girls that can speak conversational English if you're a tourist but this lady had spent some time in the States.

    The whole time she was polite, receptive, and easy to talk to. I only wish I had more time there but I ended up getting her contact information. Too bad she lives a couple thousand miles away.

  3. I have to say I don't find a lot foreign women in SF. I do see *a lot* very attractive foreign tourist women with less than attractive foreign guys in SF. That always make me wonder.

  4. Ever think that men find "foreign" women more approachable because they were raised in societies that still have a more male-dominated culture with less gender equality? Of course they'll listen to your drivel and feign interest because that's what is expected. Unfortunately, San Francisco is full of career-oriented, smart, ambitious women. Perhaps it's a case of too few meek, subordinate girls rather than "no girls" in SF.

  5. As a newly transplanted American girl in SF, I find WTANGISF hilarious - though this post not so much. I think you boys should make sure past rejections don't make you as bitter as all the older single women in NYC. John Jay, yikes!! There are nice girls out there. That speak english.

  6. Please don't be That Guy Who Only Dates Foreign Girls.

  7. As far as I can tell the problem isn't that SF "is full of career-oriented, smart, ambitious women". That's far from unfortunate. That's awesome, in fact. The issue is that many of these women have extrapolated their agressive approach to career and fitness goals to a completely inappropriate realm - dating. Men are people, not products, jobs or something to be checked off on the list on the way to "the perfect life". Ladies, stop mixing apples and oranges. It might feel like you're lowering your standards just a bit...but try opening you heart and your eyes.

  8. Of course men are people, not products. So are women. Many women act like you describe because they've opened up their hearts to guys who screwed them over because they didn't meet some arbitrary standard. And a lot of those guys act that way because some girl screwed them over. It's a cycle of dating violence that we single people need to stop, now!

    But then there are the people who act that way because they're just plain douchebags. And let's face it, douchebags are douchebags. Just because some women are douchebags doesn't mean all women are douchebags. It just means you have to stop hanging out with the douchey ones as soon as you identify them as douches, so you have time to meet the nice ones. There are a ton of them in SF.

  9. This entire site is ridiculous. If there truly were no girls in SF, then nobody would be getting laid. I get laid. Often. My friends all get laid. Possibly as often. All my friends that arent single are obviously getting laid and have found these nonexsistant SF girls. Why havent you (dear loyal believer or contributer to this site)?

    Stop complaining and start trying.

    Actually, don't try. Do you really want a girlfriend/boyfriend? Why? Thats how kids and marriage eventually get forced onto you. You can only hold out for so long, then it's married with children the show, but for real.

    Enjoy your freedom.

    I tried to warn you...

  10. Its pretty clear and evident from this blog that you've never dated a foriegn woman in your life. Especially from "outer" Eastern Europe i.e. Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, etc, most women from Latin America particulary Colombians, Brazilians, Peruvians

    Yes, some of the aspects of what you say are true, but then they are also insanely materialistic. Especially FOBish and/or twenty-forty somethingish Russian/Ukrainian/Belarus, as well as to a certain extent Brazilians, Colombians, etc. Be prepared to wait hours for them to get ready to go out ANYWHERE. Even if its just go do groceries, or the laundry. They wont even touch you unless, you are well-dressed, well heeled, well-mannered, and well-cultured and well-sophisticated. The more French you are (as they think the French are essentially the embodient of all of this, the better, hence if you look, speak, and act French you have a 100% chance of getting laid by one). They also have a strong attraction and disposition towards non-whites mainly due to the lack of them in Eastern Europe. The "exotic" appeal.

    They love to dance exclusively to trance/dance and Hip Hop. Nothing else. Very rare that you'll come across one that will listen much to anything else. Don't even be shocked if one of them mentions she's never heard of, much less cares for The Beatles for example.

    They find American men, even wealthty yuppies as uncouth. "You guys and your country are so rich, but you dress and behave like poor people" one once told me. They will and often expect you to pay for EVERYTHING. Dinner. Movies. EVERYTHING. Slip up in this regard once, and she is already looking for the next guy.

    The're also highly manipulative, have no qualms about lying to your face or being very phony, and knowing what they want and how to get it. Like fooling poor guys like you into thinking they are "better" than Americans, and scamming the hell out them via mail order bride schemes, email scams, and etc. All of this a reult, as as a previous commentor mentioned, a male dominated culture.

    As in all rules, there are exceptions, and you'll probably find one who aren't what I described, but then for everyone that isn't, there are ten that are.

    So you want to date them eh? Good luck and be prepared to pay the price. Literally and figurately speaking.

  11. huh? to the last comment.

    I am european, and date mostly foreign girls. I just can't date american ones.

    I am obviously biased, but it seems that american guys are getting shortchanged pretty badly. Pay full price, and get a less of a women...

    As an american guy you are suposed to go out, take care of her (if you dare her make pay for the date, no sex for you), yet the female counterpart, acts like just a dude, yet fully expects to be treated like a 'lady'.

    I am overgeneralizing, but it seems that femininity is out of the window, or it is expressed in trashy ways (britney spears/mean girls, type, or suicide girls).

    European chicks rock. But I see the problem is more with american getting pussyfied, and putting up with crappy treatment from their women, yet they have to go all the length for them.

    sorry, for sounding horrible, and overgeneralizing (I am sure there are plenty of great girls out there), but the average american female is boring and demanding at the same time.

  12. The guy above me hit it on the head, American women are often "boring and demanding at the same time."

    Boring is a word not used here often enough to describe the girls in San Francisco. If they are smart, dumb, succesful at their jobs, attractive, quirky or whatever, they are almost always boring. Boring means they can't carry a conversation and can't invent a good time out of circumstance. It means they expect everything to be acquired or come to them, not realizing that they must contribute to make it so.

    The curse of SF women, and men, is they are mostly boring people.