Saturday, July 11, 2009

#9 UC Berkeley and Stanford

San Francisco's geographical proximity to Cal and Stanford means a few things. First, we must bear witness to the annual Big Game, an event wherein as part of a storied athletic rivalry the two schools meet on a football field and debate who has the higher IQ. Second, Stanford and Cal students move to San Francisco after they graduate and do so in large numbers, relative to other schools any way, and thus bring a particular personality type, look and attitude to the scene, in the same way that the more comely co-eds from ASU, USC and BU, for example, infiltrate and influence Phoenix, LA and Boston, respectively. 


The latter fact, in conjunction with the reality that Stanford and Cal alums look and act like nerds, explains why SF women seem, on the average, socially and physically awkward. Curiously, however, it doesn’t explain why SF guys complain about it all the time. SF women ARE unattractive, but SF men, also being Stanford and Cal alumni, are as ill-formed and featured as the women. Thus, the pairing of the equally unattractive genders should sort itself out neatly. (At least by the numbers and for that generation. God knows how unsightly the procreative output of such pairings would be. The poor transients of the Tenderloin would feel like Will Smith in I Am Legend).


The real cause for the complaint has to do with a gender divergence. For women education and professional success are really the same as height, in so far as men who have less than them are disqualified as potential mates. For men, on the other hand, things like earning potential, pedigree, and height aren’t first order sexual selection criteria. We like tall ones, short ones, Chico State drop-outs, and Yalies - as long as you’re cute, smart and bi-curious, we’re good to go.

This divergence has the following result: as women get more education and money, the pool of men appealing to them shrinks while as men get more education and money, the pool of women that finds them appealing grows. What San Francisco gets in the end is a city full of nerds, each gender thinking they are better than the other, and they are both right. 

It’s reasonable that women that went to Cal or Stanford do not want to date cell phone salesmen, firemen or cops and it’s also reasonable that they are not impressed by some dude’s fat investment bank/law firm bonus, since they got one as well. It’s hardly hot sh*t to dunk a basketball if your girl can slam it home from the free throw line. Of course it’s equally reasonable that male nerds are annoyed by female nerds’ lack of respect for their careers and salaries because male nerds know that there are throngs of cooler, prettier girls, in say Phoenix or LA, actresses, waitresses, assistant editors, etc., who get blown away by a dinner at PF Changs

So you can complain all day long that San Francisco is full of 5s and 6s who think they are 8 and 9s but the simple truth is that until the male and female nerds stop accusing each other of over-reaching, and stand up against the real enemy, the beautiful people, the bastards that have made them feel inferior all their lives, it’s an intractable situation.


  1. This entire blog is absurd. Have you tried or something?

    All "joking" aside, your premise is completely wrong and skewed. Maybe if you expanded your social circle, you would see what's really going on: actually, while you are correct that there are many nerdy, intellectual women in the city, there are literally legions of over-educated, professional women that settle for men of a lesser professional status. We get lonely, just like you people. And sometimes, the more high-pressured our careers are, the more we seek to be with men that are laid back and simple. Another character trait you could equivocate with height is humor. We will overlook so many things if a man can simply make us laugh. Did you ever think of growing a sense of humor?

  2. STFU, Amity, you dumbass ho.

  3. I have to back up what Anonymous is saying.

  4. I love this blog and all the posts, SF is terrible for guys like me, and it is so true that a 6 here thinks she is a top model, we have those discussions with my buddies so often, it's not even funny anymore. And just for the record, I am a Stanford grad...

  5. Amity -- If Mr Snodgrass here had no sense of humor, he wouldn't be writing this. Perhaps yours is lacking?

    Anonymous 1: You're an idiot. You make me embarrassed to share your probable gender.

    Anonymous 2: Ditto

    Anonymous 3: You went to Stanfurd. You're probably not even close to a 6 yourself.

  6. lol at Amity's well thought out response and the one right below her.

  7. Amity: I find this blog funny. You are the one lacking humour.

    I think what Amity here represents is a female frustration with men in SF, for which SF women have nobody to blame but themselves.

  8. I am a 5ft6 European born European educated blue chip silicon valley professional. I have an international business education, work/ed in high status firms, drive a snazzy German sports car. I may or may not be handsome or funny - that's subjective. I am, however, arguably short (loved the Heightism blog, btw)

    My point is: I have dated many - Stanford grads, Ivy League grads, rich daughters with PhDs, the stereotypical ever happy Asian marketing MBA with the BMW and the loft... , as well as college drop outs, 'ethnic minorities' from poor backgrounds, or other Euros like me.

    Pedigree, social status and earning potential have been my selection criterion for a long time. I sat in second dates where I was told by intellectually rather underwhelming girls that one is expected to earn 300 to 350k as a 37 year old. Needless to say there are people who make such money, but putting it on 'the check list' is simply ...dumb.
    Later then I told this to an ex and she said "that's what you need when you want to live in SF".

    Too much TV, I am afraid.

    I no longer go on dates with these types.

    Missing the old continent.


  9. Dating is for losers.

  10. This is just too funny! Physical beauty is so relative it's crazy, I look at a girl and think she's a 6 but my buddy thinks she's an 8....say what? are you blind or something is my thought, but then again, he's thinking the same thing....crazy, no? One thing I know based on real life experience is that women in the entire bay area and specially San Francisco are simply unattractive, call it what you want, say whatever you want, it's fact. I have lived in Chicago, Miami and now in the bay area for 6 years. I have traveled around the world and anywhere you can think of in the continental US, the caribbean, and latin America. By far, no question about it, don't even argue with it or even try to tell me that I'm probably an ugly guy and that's why I'm writing this....whatever; women in the Bay Area are simply unattractive. This is an on-going conversation among guys that never ends, don't take it from me (after all, who the F* am I for you to listen to me?); ask and you'll know it's the general consensus.

    There must be a huge billboard an hour north of LA that says "if you're F* ugly, welcome home". I'm serious, LA and San Diego girls may be plastic and conceded, but they're hot and they're everywhere. Miami? Well, just listen to Will Smith's son "Miami"...after all, you'll be inclined to listen to him before you ever listen to me. NY, Chicago, Scottsdale? It's non stop, they're everywhere. If you're a guy wanting to see beautiful women, you got to go to Colombia (no, I'm not from there). I have never seen so many beautiful women, classy, elegant, sensual, etc. Once I went to this restaurant called "Andres Carne de Res" (I've been there more than once) and I could believe my eyes...really!! The place was jammed with probably 3,000 people, half of them women from Colombia (I say this because in places like Barcelona you'll find many beauties as well, but they're from everywhere, at Andres Carne de Res I'm talking about 100% Colombian my friends), I literally walked around the entire place looking for an ugly woman and couldn't do it (in SF you walk the entire city looking for a good looking one and can't find one).

    Call me pig, idiot, whatever you want. If the subject is physical beauty, I'm know what I'm talking about. Ok, bay area girls may be successful and make more money than me (I don't do bad at all); but that doesn't make a woman attractive. It just makes them unattractive successful women, not that there's anything wrong with that....if you're a man who doesn't care about physical beauty that is.

    I think another sign should be place just north of LA and in magazines around the world "If unattractive successful women is your thing, come to the Bay Area; home of the rich, educated, but butt ugly". Oh and BTW, they all work for a start up that's going to make millions of dollars some day; an the ones that don't are also ugly.

    Yes, yes, keep swearing at me and call me whatever you want....idiot, stupid, how could you? blah, blah, blah. What I wrote is what all straight guys in this city talk about, but not many have the guts to simply say it. As for me, 6 years of ugly people town has been enough. I'll be out of here shortly, life is too short not to enjoy its beauty!!

    1. i also hear the girls around stanford area are ugly.

  11. Well, I retract my last statement. Turns out I got herpes and gonorrhea from a hot chick in Columbia. Now I'm crawling back to the Bay for some ugly loving.

    1. Is that British Columbia? 'cause I don't know of any country called Columbia, no wonder you got herpes and then some